Embrace the Classic Charm with Neon Signage

Vibrant and Vintage Neon Display

Embrace the classic charm of iconic Neon signage. Since the early 1900s, Neon signs have been offering a unique, retro aesthetic that will set your business apart with a classic touch. They are handcrafted, allowing for a high level of detail and customization.

Technical Specifications

Our Neon signs are crafted with high-quality neon gas tubes and come in a variety of sizes and colors. They offer a bright, vibrant, highly visible display, especially at night.

Installation and Maintenance

Neon signs require professional installation due to the delicate nature of the neon gas tubes. They also need regular cleaning to maintain their vibrant glow. Each sign is supplied with installation hardware for indoor placement.


OurNeon signs come with a one-year factory warranty, covering any manufacturing defects. Delivery must be by pallet or by hand. UPS and FedEx do not insure glass, and any damage incurred during transit will void the factory warranty.

Neon Sign Use Cases or Examples

Neon signs are perfect for businesses looking to create a vintage or nostalgic atmosphere, such as diners, bars, and boutique stores. Brands across the globe have used them to create a unique and memorable visual presence.

Custom Bulk and Wholesale Custom Neon Sign Pricing

Custom pricing for bulk and wholesale NEON sign pricing can vary depending on the size, quantity, materials, and destination. On average, a typical Neon sign can range from $150 to $250 + delivery with a minimum order quantity of 25 pieces.

Neon FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a neon sign last?

  • It all depends on usage and sign placement.  However, a neon sign should typically last 70,000 hours of continuous usage.

What are the most common neon sign sizes used for retail wall and window advertising?

  • Common sizes of retail store units usually range from 18" up to 36", with 24" being the most commonly used.

What is the minimum order quantity?

  • Due to the buying power of the raw material and shipping, we request a 50-piece MOQ for all mass productions.
What is the cost of a neon sign?
  • It all depends on the size, design, and engineering, with standard sizes ranging from $100ea to $140ea + Freight & Customs.
How long is sampling?
  • Once the design is approved, we usually engineer and deliver the pre-production sample in 2-3 weeks.
What is the estimated delivery timeline?
  • Outside of peak shipping season, we can deliver in 8-10 weeks, depending on the quantity.
How long is the warranty?
  • Our signs have a 1-year factory warranty.  Since this is a glass product, they must be shipped on pallets to distribution and then hand-delivered.  UPS and FedEx do not insure glass, and any 3rd party handling damage voids the factory warranty.
Monster WILD WILD WILD Neon pink sign against a brick wall
Fireball Nola's Shot Trumpet logo with music notes and Fireball devil Neon bar sign against black brick wall
Abita Fluer Nola Logo Neon bar sign against black brick wall
Legs with toes being dipped into pool water neon bar sign against black brick wall
Narraganset Lager Beer Neon bar sign against black brick wall
Nue Vodka Neon bar sign against black brick wall

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