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LED NEON, or, as we say, ‘LEDON’, represents the cutting-edge fusion of LED and Neon technologies, offering a unique solution that combines neon's vibrant allure with LED's efficiency and durability.

  • This premium signage option combines the best of both worlds, providing an eye-catching, energy-efficient way to showcase your brand.
  • Ideal for businesses seeking a modern yet classic aesthetic, LEDON signs are customizable in various sizes and colors to align perfectly with your specific branding needs.
  • Vibrant Neon Appeal: Captures the eye-catching brilliance of traditional neon.

What are LED NEON or “LEDON” Signs?

  • Hybrid Design: LEDON signs combine the classic aesthetic of neon signs with the advanced technology of LEDs.
  • Striking Visibility: These signs mimic the bright, vivid colors typical of neon signage
  • Energy Efficient: Less power consumption than traditional neon.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: LEDON signs have a long lifespan, requiring less maintenance.
  • Custom Designs: Customizable in color, size, and shape for specific needs.

“We opted for the LEDON signage for our restaurant and couldn't be happier. It combines the best of LED and neon, giving us a vibrant, high-impact sign that's been a hit with our customers. Brite Idea Displays delivered on their promise!”

Sarah L.

Restaurant Manager

Unique, Eye-Catching Signage Solutions

  • Trendy Retail Businesses: Seeking standout storefront signage.
  • Themed Restaurants/Bars: Looking for unique, atmospheric lighting.
  • Modern Offices: Wanting a creative touch in their workspace.
  • Cannabis Dispensary: Ideal for dispensaries seeking distinctive, memorable signage
  • Cannabis Lounges: Perfect for creating a relaxed atmosphere that enhances the lounge experience.

Sign Installation & Maintenace

  • Quality: Made with high-quality, UL Listed components
  • Easy Installation: It comes with a low-voltage power supply and hardware for indoor setup.
  • Low Maintenance: Designed for ease of upkeep.

Custom Made Wholesale LED Neon Signs

  • Pricing Factors: Varies based on size, quantity, materials, and shipping destination.
  • Order Minimum: Requires a minimum of 100 pieces per order.
  • Price Range: Averages from $80 to $140 per sign, plus delivery costs.

LED Neon Sign Warranty

  • Duration: One-year factory warranty.
  • Coverage: Includes manufacturing defects.


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