40″ Piercing LED Sign – 110v


Illuminate your piercing studio with our ultra-bright Piercing LED Sign and set your business apart from the competition. Our high-quality LED sign is crafted to shine brilliantly, ensuring your studio captures the attention of passersby even from a distance.  Let our LED signs serve as a beacon for those seeking a professional, precise piercing experience.

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  • Vivid Illumination: Crafted with high-quality LED lights, the Piercing LED Sign shines bright to help guide customers to your doorstep.
  • Energy-Efficient: Our Piercing LED Signs are designed to consume less electricity without compromising brightness.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with hanging chains, a 110v power supply, and an installation guide so you can set it up in minutes.
  • Durability: Crafted from recycled acrylic, the LED light panel is built to last and comes with a 1-year factory warranty.


Who are Piercing LED Signs Best For?

Piercing LED signs are ideal for piercing studios, tattoo parlors offering piercing services, and body jewelry shops. They are particularly effective in areas with high foot traffic and among younger demographics who are drawn to body art and self-expression. In competitive urban areas or trendy neighborhoods, these signs help businesses stand out, attracting both regular clients and spontaneous walk-ins. According to industry statistics, effective storefront signage, like LED signs, can increase foot traffic by up to 33%. For businesses in the body art sector, where visual appeal is crucial, a bright and bold Piercing LED sign can significantly enhance visibility and draw in a crowd, especially in areas popular with millennials and Gen Z, who are the largest demographics for body piercings.


How Much Can Piercing LED Signs Increase Foot Traffic and Sales to My Shop?

Piercing LED signs can substantially increase foot traffic and sales for piercing and body art businesses. Studies show that adding or updating a sign directly improves sales revenue, with an average increase of about 7.7%. For piercing studios, where attracting attention is key, a vibrant LED sign can be particularly effective. Approximately 76% of consumers have stated they entered a store they had never visited before based purely on its signs. In the piercing industry, where style and visibility are paramount, a well-designed LED sign can be a significant draw, potentially increasing sales and attracting a wider customer base. The dynamic and modern appeal of LED signs makes them especially appealing to younger consumers, who are more likely to seek out piercing services.


Should Piercing and Tattoo Shops Choose LED, Neon, or Non-Illuminated Signs?

For piercing studios, LED signs are typically the best choice due to their high visibility, energy efficiency, and long-lasting performance. While neon signs offer a classic, edgy look that can be appealing in the body art industry, they are less energy-efficient and often require more maintenance than LED signs. Non-illuminated signs, although more affordable, lack the eye-catching impact of illuminated signs, which is crucial for businesses relying on walk-in traffic. LED signs are known to enhance brand recognition by up to 80%, making them a valuable investment for piercing studios looking to stand out in a competitive market. Their versatility in design and lower energy consumption make LED signs a practical and effective signage solution for piercing studios aiming to attract a diverse and style-conscious clientele.

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Weight 6.615 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 12 in

Brite Idea Displlays


Piercing LED Sign


Acrylic, LED Light Board, 110v UL Listed Power Supply

Mounting Type

Window or Wall Mount

Light Type

LED Light Board


Laser Cut Acrylic