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Bright, Energy-Efficient, and Long-Lasting

Our LED products offer the perfect solution to your signage needs. By adding screen printed acrylic to LED light boards, they are the easiest and most affordable way to bring your brand to life. Our engineers can also incorporate laser cut acrylic for a 3D visualization effect.

Technical Specifications

Our LED signs come in a variety of sizes and colors, and are made with high-quality, UL Listed components that have a low power requirement making them an energy-efficient choice.

Installation and Maintenance

LED signs are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Each sign is supplied with a low voltage power supply and installation hardware for indoor placement.


Our LED signs come with a one year factory warranty, covering any manufacturing defects.

Use Cases or Examples

LED signs are perfect for businesses of all types, from retail stores to restaurants, and have been used by brands across the globe to enhance their visibility and attract customers.

Custom Bulk and Wholesale LED Sign Pricing

Custom bulk and wholesale LED sign pricing can vary depending on the size, quantity, materials, and destination. On average, a typical LED sign can range between $60 to $100 + delivery with a minimum order quantity of 50 pcs.


What are the shipping delivery cost differences between a neon and LED sign? 

  • LED: One of the main advantages is that LED signs are about 1/3 less shipping costs to deliver.  Our mass-produced LED signs are single-boxed when leaving the factory.  They are made with screen-printed recycled acrylic and can be delivered in single units by FedEx or UPS.
  • NEON: Neon tubes are made of glass and must be delivered on pallets or with the product to distribution and then hand-delivered.  So, for handling protection, they are double-boxed with cardboard with a 1" piece of foam between the two layers. These custom foam pieces serve as a floatation for the inside carton that houses the neon sign.
What are the typical sizes for LED signs?  
  • We work with many industries that cover all sorts of retail establishments. The trends for the cannabis industry suppliers are 16"-20" for most wall and window advertising. The common trends for the music, adult beverage, and energy drink industries are larger units in the 20"-36" range, with 24" being the most standard for advertising.
What is the lifespan of an LED lightbox or panel?
  • The LEDs from the supplier say they have a 60k-80k hour lifespan. We suggest swapping out the power supply for a brand-new one before discarding any LED signs. The sign is often still operable, and if the power supply is heavily used, it might be the first to fail and need to be replaced.
What are some design differences between a neon and an LED sign?
  • A neon sign and LED lightbox or panel can have the client's branding screen printed on acrylic and backlit. Neon signs use glass tubes behind the acrylic, whereas LED signs use boards with built-in LEDs.  With the LED light boxes and panels, we can add extra laser-cut features to give the branding a 3D look off the face of the sign.  Edge-lit light panels can be used to provide it with a lovely halo around the edges.
What is the minimum order requirement for wholesale LED signs?
  • We have a 50-piece minimum order requirement on wholesale LED orders. However, most customers usually order in the 100-250 piece range once delivery is amortized and factored into the costs.
Blaum Bros Distilling Co Logo of 2 men, 1 man with his leg up on a barrel with Logo over them LED bar sign against black brick wall
Ducks Unlimited Logo LED bar sign against black brick wall
ESP Guitars & Basses with Skull and Guitar heads as cross bones LED bar sign against black brick wall
Gratis American Ale Beer Can LED bar sign against black brick wall
Sly Fox Brewing orange fox tail Company logo LED bar sign against black brick wall
Blue Note Straight Bourbon LED logo sign against brick wall

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