38″ Delta 8 LED Sign – 110v


Elevated the customer experience with this Delta 8 LED Sign. Our innovative LED Light Board engineering makes our LED Signs brighter and more eye-catching than the regular neon signs.

The Delta 8 Signs illuminate your store, dispensary, and smoke shop, attracting more customers and increasing revenue. Set the right vibes and brighten your space with our UL-certified Indoor LED Signs.


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  • Vivid Illumination: Crafted with high-quality LED lights, the Delta 8 LED Sign shines bright to help guide customers to your doorstep.
  • Energy-Efficient: Our Delta 8 LED Signs are designed to consume less electricity without compromising brightness.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with hanging chains, a 110v power supply, and an installation guide so you can set it up in minutes.
  • Durability: Crafted from recycled acrylic, the LED light panel is built to last and comes with a 1-year factory warranty.


Who are Delta 8 THC LED signs good for?

Delta 8 THC LED signs are best suited for cannabis dispensaries, smoke shops, head shops, and gas stations that offer THC, CBD and cannabis products, including Delta 8. These signs are particularly effective in areas where cannabis products are legal, helping these businesses stand out in competitive markets like shopping districts or commercial zones. The bright, eye-catching LED signs are ideal for attracting both regular users and curious newcomers to THC and cannabis products, enhancing the visibility of the store’s specific offerings such as Delta 8, among other cannabis-based items.


How much do Delta 8 THC LED signs increase income for my business?

Using Delta 8 THC LED signs can substantially boost sales and revenue for businesses dealing in cannabis, CBD and THC products. The visibility provided by these signs can be a major draw for customers, with their bright and inviting display attracting attention and potentially leading to impulse purchases. This is particularly true for smoke shops, head shops, and gas stations where visibility can directly influence customer traffic. Retailers in the THC and cannabis industry have noted increased sales after installing such LED signs, thanks to their effectiveness in drawing in and retaining customers interested in Delta 8 and other cannabis products.


Should I choose an LED, Neon, or non-illuminated Delta 8 THC LED sign?

For dispensaries, smoke shops, head shops, and gas stations selling Delta 8 THC and cannabis products, LED signs are the most advantageous choice. They offer superior energy efficiency and high visibility, crucial for attracting customers in the competitive cannabis market. While neon signs have their unique appeal and can create a distinct ambiance, they may not be as energy-efficient or low-maintenance as LED signs. Non-illuminated signs, though cost-effective, lack the drawing power and visibility that illuminated signs provide. Therefore, for businesses focusing on THC, CBD and cannabis products, LED signs present the optimal balance of cost, energy efficiency, and effectiveness in both interior and exterior settings.

Additional information

Weight 6.615 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 12 in

Brite Idea Displays


Large 38" Delta 8 LED Sign w/ Laser Cut Acrylic -110v


Acrylic, LED Light Board, 110v UL Listed Power Supply

Mounting Type

Window or Wall Mount

Light Type

LED Light Board


Laser Cut Acrylic

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