Paul Engelberger CEO of Brite Idea Displays


In 2008, Paul was navigating the ups and downs of life as a salesman in the tile industry. When the housing market crashed, he found himself at a crossroads. Instead of quitting, he bought a used computer and began exploring the illuminated LED, neon, and display industry.

While still working his job, Paul became a student of the sign and display world, and with the help of YouTube and his mentors, Paul's education quickly grew, enabling him to excel in the point-of-sale industry.

He taught himself about product intricacies and categories and the art of building fruitful relationships with customers and vendors.

Fast forward to the pandemic, when many were scaling back, Paul saw it as the perfect moment to start his own business, and he did just that.

Starting with one relationship at a time, he customized his process to meet the unique needs of his customers and started to build Brite Idea Displays into the go-to source for premium neon, LED, and LEDON signs.

Today, Paul is more committed than ever, owning the entire signage process from design to delivery. He's not just making signs; he's helping businesses bring their ideas and passions to life.